A Second Thought

''A Second Thought

Educators in Georgia are required to obtain certification by earning a degree in education and passing a certification test in form of the Praxis or the GACE. Individuals wishing to enter into a career in education may still chose education as their career if they take an alternative approach known […]

Distance Education

''Distance Education

Distance learning has taken on an evolutionary process. The first generation of distance education technology was by postal correspondence. This was followed by a second generation, defined by the mass media of television, radio, and film production. Third-generation distance education (DE) introduced interactive technologies: first audio, then text, video, and […]

An Examination of Open Courseware

''An Examination of Open Courseware

With the rising cost of college education, some learners are left wondering if there are alternatives to earning a meaningful education. Distance Learning can take place in many forms, some choose to use an online search engine to research a given topic, others may choose to go to an accredited […]

The Evolution Of Distance Learning

''The Evolution Of Distance Learning

The day is coming when the work done by correspondence will be greater in amount than that work done in the classrooms of out academics and colleges; when the students who shall recite by correspondence will far out number those who make oral recitations. Although my choice is to be […]

A Change of Plans

''A Change of Plans

Risk management is the process of identifying possible risks, assessing their potential impact on a project, and developing and implementing plans for minimizing their negative effects. A scope and creep as defined by Wikipedia is an uncontrolled change in a projects scope. As a teacher the terminology scope and creep […]