Headset for I-Phone Accessories

There are a lot of accessories are being sold hotter. Form back cases to headset and battery packs and cables. Here are the best and most buyable Headset accessories for iPhones.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones

There is no evidence of iPhone 7 is having a headphone jack. That is why you should pick up a Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones. The sound quality of this headset will undoubtedly blow you away.

Connect it through the Bluetooth and wear it them on. Then the noise in from other room, traffic sounds, noise from constructions site will all go away. You can hear it for about 20 hrs in a single charge.

headset for iphone


Apple’s magic and the handy device come from Bluetooth connections. The earbuds are very compactable for travelers with charging in the AirPod box. This device is completely wireless VR Headset for iPhone, but it has all the functions like wired earbuds.

With this AirPods you can answer calls with a tap and make functions through Siri, and also you can control the music player. If you are looking for Bluetooth VR – Headsets comes in handy for your iPhone then you must buy the Apple’s AirPods.

Apple Watch Series 2

Who doesn’t love a smartwatch that comes with features of an VR – Headset iPhone? Without reaching your pockets with your hands, you can do many functions through the Apple SmartWatch2.

You can able to see the notifications, control your messages, even you can get directions when you are lost in unknown places, and functions go on. This Series 2 has a built-in GPS and bigger battery and comes with water proof resistance so that you can go for a swim.

These are the best Bluetooth Headset accessories for an iPhone, and you can buy these next to your Apple store, or you can buy it form in online also.