How to Play Online Slots

In order to avoid any mistakes inside the casino, you must learn how to play the online slots machine, how to differentiate between slots machines and how the slot machines work and look like. Slots machines have been quite popular casino games since last 100 years. In a few decades back, slots machines have gone through several major developments and have added much more fun and winning opportunities to the game.

How to Play Online Slots

How to Play Online Slots?

Learning how to play Slots is easiest than any other casino game. To play Slots, you need to buy a special coin or to use a regular cash coins. In Online casino, slots are played through a registered account. To activate a slot machine, you just need to pull the lever, press the button or click the touch screen, al placed on the slots machine.

The objective of Slots machine is to win money getting a consecutive row of a specific symbol or shape. When you start learning how to play slots, you will find a screen displaying a row of special symbols. You can find these symbols on 3 to 5 spinning wheels in the form of fruits, suits or numbers or any other types of icons or shapes.

Slot Machines

When you pull the Slots Lever and activate the slot machine, the wheels will turn and you will see 3 images changing fast. When the machine stops, the 3 final images on the slots machine are your final score. Near the slot machine, you will find a chart showing the winning combinations, you will hear the machine ring and you receive the cash prizes as per what the chart specifies. Sometimes, you get another free round as the prize for your combination. Thus, you can play slots for one more time.

The following options allow you to different rules on how to play slots online or in traditional brick and mortar casinos. Thus, you can practice yourself and choose the online slots machine you like.

  •  Reel Slots: are most popular slots and have 3 to 5 reels on the slots screen. While playing reel slots, the only way to win jackpot is to insert lots of coins per spin.
  •  Video Slots:  use just one coin at a time to play each round.
  • Video Poker: While playing on video poker machines, you need to get a symbol much like winning poker hands.
  • 9 Line Slots: are basically, themed slots of popular TV Shows or Celebrities.

There are high limit slots where you pay huge amount like $100 for each turn and low limit slots where you can play as little as one penny. The casino bonus and deposits can be easily accessed through the click2play methods. Certain combination of slots let you play slots and win not only with the horizontal line but vertical line and diagonal lines as well.  These slot machines have a larger screen and if want to become expert on them; you need to practice on these slots machines for some time. Also, these slots machines display more figures than the common one row slots machine.