Spotted hyena animals are famous and often remains on the list of other predators. But these rustic beasts may also know as the skilled hunters to carry out forceful fights. Spotted hyenas will kill and consume the various types of birds, insects, and other wild animals. صوت الضبع is always known as grating.

Relationship With The Humans

Most populated Africa will have a scene of hyenas and people often come in contact. However, these brave and intelligent animals will go to grocery stores and large crops to destroy them.  They are the reason for many deaths in animals and even human deaths. Most of the areas these wild animals are hunted by the humans in order to avoid the risk factors caused by those hyenas.

Species Of Hyenas


Hyena with the spots is the biggest of the other three species of the same breed. Hyenas with the different colors like brown and other hyenas with strips are common among the hyena family. Although hyenas look like canines, they also resemble the activities of cats. They live in various parts of Africa and to the east by Arabia in India. Spotted hyena has a habit of living together in a large gang known as clans, it can hold some 80 hyenas and are headed by women.


Spotted hyena has the perfect hearing ability and clear vision at night time. Hyenas have the power to maintain a long distance running in case of chasing a wild animal to make its prey. These animals will effectively isolate the animal collaborate from the herd, sometimes the one who is sick or ill and hunt that animal to death. The winners often spoil fighting with each other or with other powerful animals like lions.